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Current Issue - December 2017, Issue 345

DECEMBER 2017 ISSUE: OUR 28th year of publication, CMM is bigger, bolder, brighter, now MORE PAGES, FULL COLOUR THROUGHOUT - and the 2018 Almanac, the 'bible' for enthusiasts is COMING!

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In the December issue,CMM November, Issue 344  On Your Marques looks at the Endurance Rally Association's upcoming events, the Porsche Club's charity efforts, and more. Magpie looks at Stocking Fillers, and in the Spannerman column it's Spannerman & Trade Plates. Our column by former National Motor Museum Curator, Michael Ware, checks out the Arlington Court Collection in a busy Wareabouts column, while Peter Love gives us another Commercial Break. There are news snippets galore, our Letters column, and our look at the world of the autojumbling with The Secret Autjumbler. Grant Ford's Fordie's Favourites looks at The Malta Classic plus a Have You Ever Owned featuring the Ford Escort RS2000, we feature reports from the superb NEC Classic Motor Show and the big two Restoration Shows in November, and more. And of course our events section - the best in Britain - features all the best shows and 'jumbles for you to visit. Landers Lobby discusses Make The Point - No Classic Scrappage and The Secret Autojumbler checks out a variety of recent events - where was the best business to be had, where were the best bacon butties? We also continue delving into the archive of the much-missed Lock Man. We have Club Call with a run down of the best club to join for you, plus, this month, we have a chance to win one of three prizes from Gunson. And in the December issue, a FREE Pull-out and Pin-up 2018 Year Planner. Look out for all the news and snippets, plus all those ads for upcoming events; no better time than now to think about that subscription than the December issue!!

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December Issue Previews...


ARE YOU LIKELY TO BE SELLING a low value classic in the near future? Then be very careful who you sell it to... I’ve highlighted the risk posed by banger racers in the past - they’ve moved on from big BMC Farinas to Fords, with the Granada being the current favourite. But now there’s an even bigger worry: scrappage.
The Government’s own ‘diesel scrappage’ scheme still hasn’t materialised. This was proposed as a solution to two problems: the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal, and the unacceptably poor air quality in particular areas. Outside of London, the most polluted spots fringe congested sections of urban motorways. The intended deal was that owners of older diesels, living in certain postcode districts, would be offered a scrappage trade-in against a new, clean vehicle. Of course, it wasn’t really any answer at all. It would only have taken older models off the road, while the emissions scam actually affects some of the latest ones! And the best way to improve air quality near our motorways is not to replace a few of the vehicles but to reduce the congestion...
The Government faced further embarrassment - because the vastly increased take-up of diesel cars in the UK has been as a direct result of government intervention. In a short-term fix to cut excess CO2 output, motorists were encouraged, via tax incentives, to choose diesel engines rather than petrol. (The better fuel consumption of a diesel produces less CO2, but that’s at the price of greatly increased particulates and oxides of nitrogen.) It’s little wonder that Westminster is dragging its feet - especially given the fact that the cost (not including London) has been estimated at five-hundred million pounds. The deal would be administered by local authorities, who are worried that they’ll be left footing some of that bill. Michael Gove, Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, says that the scheme is still on track, but recent official statements haven’t sounded very convincing.
The motor industry certainly isn’t convinced. In the face of dramatically weakened sales, it has launched its own scheme. (Or, rather, schemes, since each manufacturer is offering something different.) Car sales for September, on a year by year basis, were down 9% - the sixth month in a row to show a fall. Diesel sales, not unexpectedly, have crashed. Everyone in the industry is mighty worried, and they’re doing everything they can to pull in the punters. Trouble is, massive discounts make it all too obvious that they’re panicking. Much better to take the moral high ground, dress the discount up as an eco-friendly gesture, and label it ‘scrappage’. So; big financial inducements, intended purely to boost sales, have been cynically represented as an act of social responsibility.
The sheer hypocrisy is proven by the facts: only the VW Group and BMW limit the trade-in vehicles to dirty diesels. Fiat will only take old Fiats, but as far as everyone else is concerned, you can hand over any pre-2010 car or van. The so-called ‘scrappage’ allowance usually relates to the value of the new vehicle, and can be as much as £8.000. If you drive into a Toyota dealer with a perfectly inoffensive little 1-litre petrol car, you’ll get the best deal against a 2.8-litre diesel Land Cruiser...

From The Landers Lobby in our December issue; read the whole article, subscribe today!


WITH YET ANOTHER RECORD CROWD, the interest in vehicle heritage was very much to the fore at the amazing Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show at the  Birmingham NEC last month. Here, over 71,000 people came through the doors from all over the world to enjoy another fantastic three-day spectacle.
With Lancaster Insurance staging its family theme this year on its own stand in Hall 1 it was showing off vehicles with such  a connection in some way or other from the vivid lilac millionth Morris Minor, to the black 1973 MG Midget onto the Oxford Blue 1955 Land Rover. Combined alongside the Lancaster's family owned 1925 Bentley 3 litre said to be the shortest model they ever made; the Lancaster Insurance sponsored show was off to a good start.
This year's 20 finalists for the Lancaster Insurance Pride of Ownership were all on show and voted for by the visitors attending the show. Among the outstanding cars for this reporter was John Georgiou's 1959 Hillman Minx Series III. He had bought the car in April 2012, which he ran for a few months and discovered that he had rust holes in the floor and much more. Much of the work he did himself including the spraying.
Another treat was Trevor and Brain Ford's metallic blue 1978 Morris Marina 1.8 Special Saloon and is only one of six to be known to exist today.  This car fitted with the shows family theme here as all of the Ford family had a Marina or Ital of one kind or other. The family have owned the car since 1999 and some six years ago they took it off the road and have restored it to concours condition. This was my personal winner; as an apprentice I was right there when this model was introduced, and drove and repaired them for in the 1970s.
Rather on a sad note was Rob Sargent's 1969 Ford Cortina Savage Mk2, that of course features the Essex V-6 3 litre with Zodiac transmission and a Laycock overdrive. It was originally created by Jeff Uren a racer and Ford comps manager at one time. They were the ultimate and current owner has been the custodian of this car since 1990, which cost him £3,300 to buy. He has won a whole host of major competitions with this car. After talking with Rob from the front end of the car he showed me what had happened the previous Friday afternoon to the back end; 'oh dear' what a sight!
While unloading the car from his trailer the winch brake did not click in and with the confines of the site it came down the ramp at some speed and collided with the replica Brooklands 1911 Wolseley 16/20 C3 racing car near side hub cap, which didn't even leave a graze mark on it. Sadly the Savage didn't come off so well and was well sliced up at the back, and will need at least £3,000 to get it right again.
However Rob was very brave to keep the car here on show and was appreciated by the organisers...

From Peter Love's report on the Classic Motor Show in the December issue; read the whole article, subscribe today!


GOODNESS ME THIS WAS TIGHT; two major shows, five days apart and then I have to get my copy in (to the scoop chief) two days later! It's tough at the top...
We start with yet another moan as to why Live Promotions Events decided to put their Restoration Show on the November 5, not only making a major clash with the Restoration Show at Shepton Mallet, but more to the point this particular Sunday being only five days before the biggest indoor classic car show (NEC Classic Motor Show) in the country.
So what happened? I decided to go to the Restoration Show at Stoneleigh, being half the distance to Shepton Mallet, a one day show and no overnight accommodation to pay for (friends near by). I did apologise profusely to Andy Kitchen (of organisers Mortons) about not going to Shepton, but did give him my perfectly plausible reasons (which he understood, happlily).
My Secret Agents at Shepton actually advised that the show down there was really good, particularly on the Saturday. There were very few empty spaces and a further plus - the weather was excellent - well sunny but a bit on the chilly side (thermals on). The quality of cars at Shepton never ceases to amaze; it's worth going just for that, but us "jumblers" would appreciate some money coming in our direction as well please!
So what have we got to say about Stoneleigh and their Restoration Show? Well, I actually did quite well, all things considered, but I would say the show was advertised to be in the the "recently renovated Blackdown Building" - this was not quite so.
All of these slightly tired buildings are called the Blackdown Halls and it is only hall one to three that have been refurbished - which happened at least five years ago. Halls four to about thirteen are the same ancient halls that have been there for yonks, and these, of course, are freezing cold.
Normally when organisers hire out these old halls they make it simple by having the stands either side of the open doors to achieve an easy method for setting up and breaking down, but no in their unwise decision the entrance doors to at least door four and five were blocked off by stall holders being given space, completely blocking off these doors, making getting to your stand even more difficult. Other items - I would think that this was NOT the largest indoor autojumble (as claimed). I would think the NEC Classic Car Show had a lot more stands (though in fairness, in terms of actual 'chuck it on the floor proper autojumble' Stoneleigh wins the day).
Don't get me wrong, the show was a good un', but I failed to see much actual restoration going on. I of course had the obligatory bacon and egg buttie (from the cafe - on site). Outside caterers are far too expensive and their quality is rubbish. The toilets have been refurbished and they have many "air-blade" dryers - all top quality stuff.
There were definitely not stands to the far end of these ancient halls, so there were indeed many stands/spaces empty; I guess this situation was the reason (by Live) putting this show on at the same time as Shepton - not enough stallholders to go around, people/customers split as to where to visit - barmy in my opinion...

From The Secret Autojumble in our December issue; read the whole article, subscribe today!


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