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Current Issue - July 2017, Issue 340

JULY 2017 ISSUE: OUR 28th year of publication, CMM is bigger, bolder, brighter, now MORE PAGES, FULL COLOUR THROUGHOUT - and the 2017 Almanac, the 'bible' for enthusiasts is HERE!

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In the July issue,CMM July, Issue 340  On Your Marques looks at the Austin 7 National, the ERA Baltic Classic and more. Magpie goes Star Gazing, and in the Spannerman column it's Spannerman & Politics. Our column by former National Motor Museum Curator, Michael Ware, includes a look at The Lakeland Motor Museum in a busy Wareabouts column, while Peter Love gives us another Love Steam and Commercial Break. There are news snippets galore, our Letters column, and our look at the world of the autojumbling with The Secret Autjumbler. Grant Ford's Fordie's Favourites checks out his favourite classics, we preview the big upcoming events, plus reviews of recent events including Bristol Classic Car Show, the Epsom Classic, Clumber Park and more. Landers Lobby says Sir Roger Moore was always Destined for Sainthood. Look out for all the news and snippets, plus all those ads for upcoming events; no better time than now to think about that subscription than the July issue!!

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July Issue Previews...


NOWADAYS, IT SEEMS THAT EVERY actor over 60 is ‘a national treasure’ - but, if anyone ever deserved that epithet, it was Sir Roger Moore, KBE, who died in May, aged 89.
Over a long career, he was linked to a wide range of interesting cars. They’ve subsequently become classics, just as his own appearances have been accepted as TV and cinema classics.
In the late 1940s, Moore picked up his first small parts as a film extra, interspersed with male modelling - showing off the latest lines in knitwear and ‘stay-pressed’ trousers. After attending RADA, and completing his National Service, he moved to America and was cast in some significant films - one of them opposite Elizabeth Taylor. He returned to Britain for the 1958 ITV serial ‘Ivanhoe’, playing the good knight Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe in weekly battles against bad Prince John. I remember this well because, as children, my sister and I used to shout out our own version of the theme song: “Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe. I’ve an shovel and an pick and I’ve an hoe...” Silly, but enjoyable!
The horsepower on that occasion was purely equestrian, but Moore’s next major British TV series, ‘The Saint’ [1962-69], started the car connections. In the books by Leslie Charteris, the hero, Simon Templar, drove a ‘Hirondelle’. I don’t think that this fictitious vehicle was ever described in detail, but I always assumed that it was a sophisticated French routier - like a thirties’ Delahaye with Figoni coachwork. However; it seems that the TV producers wanted to use a comparatively mundane Jaguar Mk X... except Jaguar wouldn’t play ball. So Volvo jumped at the chance to showcase their new P1800 sports coupe.
This model had got off to a troubled start: production delays, plus a host of bodywork issues. Jensen were contracted to assemble the first vehicles from panels supplied by Pressed Steel. But the panels didn’t fit - poorly made pressings that sustained further damage in transit. Jensen were losing money because of the extensive rectification needed, while Volvo, naturally, were unhappy about the entire thing. They needed to raise the car’s image - especially as there were plans to move assembly to Sweden, where quality could be more tightly controlled and production capacity increased.
Luckily, the TV series was a huge hit, with Moore playing the debonair hero to perfection; the P1800 seemed exactly right as his quirky, yet stylish mode of transport. [Several identical cars were used for filming.] In fact, it’s impossible to think of The Saint driving anything so commonplace as a big Jaguar... would it have been such a success without that eye-catching white Volvo..?

From The Landers Lobby in our July issue; read the whole article, subscribe today!


I KNOW BEAULIEU AUTOJUMBLE has been going since 1966/67, but another achievement in our classic vehicle world occurred at the end of May - yes, it was the 40th Enfield Pageant of Motoring. Less one that didn't take place due to shocking weather, and at least another where it was called off mid-stream, caused on that occasion by the whole events field becoming a stream!
Can anyone else remember (apart from the Whitewebbs staff that is)? This year we were very honoured because, apart from a small sprinkling, the weather was great, for all three days. I had a shocking day of traffic chaos and only managed to get to Enfield about 5.30pm on the Friday - rather too late to set up (I thought) so I headed to my Travelodge, just past the Sports Field and a bit south on the A10.
I had not stopped at this fairly new Lodge before and as it happens I will not be stopping there again - the reason being the noise from the A10 where the boy racers are continually revving up at the traffic lights, just outside the Lodge, with Grand Prix starts (and only to the next set of lights, about 200 yards up the road) there is also the fairly constant alarms from police cars and ambulances also pounding each way up and down the A10.
The only conveniences nearby are a Morrison's and a Sainsbury's supermarket both very close, to get tucker for the show. I had also contemplated buying a pair of shorts, because I had forgotten to bring any, Morrison's had none and all Sainsbury's could offer were a pair in sky blue - not really my colour darling!
So after a very sleepless night (being very hot as well) I headed back to the field on Saturday morning. I set up and awaited the rush, which really didn't come. It was steady though and I did meet a lot of my old chums. I did ferret around and I did buy some goodies (at surprisingly cheap prices), again there were a lot of autojumble stands about plus lots selling tat, some with an odd model car to show they were selling motoring related items (tosh really).
There was a very interesting stand quite close to me where the stand holder parked his 1917 (I think) Simplex old time Racer, a lovely massive thing on a La France chain driven chassis (a chain each side), the owner told me the radiator surround was solid silver and this was valued at £50k alone! He drove it in and out on all three days, he also had a lowered VW Camper and a BMW 2002ti also appeared on the Sunday.
I managed to get a cooling fan for my room on the Saturday night (having taken back two broken ones). This did ease the heat but the noise was still there.
It was quite quiet for Sunday trading, there was a lot going on but the punters were not buying much. Monday proved to be quite good because I had some club chaps coming to buy some pre-ordered parts and I had yet another mosey around - and, yes, I found more bits and bobs (even on Monday afternoon (a phenomenon I have mentioned before at Enfield)...

From The Secret Autojumbler in our July issue; read the whole article, subscribe today!


WE TRY AND AVOID POLITICS down at the Chequered Flag. There’s more than enough to talk about if we limit the discussion topics to motoring and the weather.
That’s not to say that other subjects don’t find their way in. Tomato blight was a particular problem a few years ago, and that caused a few anxious hours amongst one particular little huddle. But politics seems to be everywhere at the moment, and even amongst our little group, we’ve found it hard not to ponder the question of whether, were they to be given the choice, turkeys would vote for Christmas. I guess there’s a few former Members of Parliament regretting their choice to support the decision to hold an election. Personally, I’m hoping for two things. If our Parliament can manage to get back to work, I’d like to see some sensible progress with many different aspects of motoring legislation; and I’m especially hoping that the “B” word is never used down at the Chequered Flag. We’ve somehow managed to avoid it so far, and fingers crossed we’ll get through the next two years with no mention of it.
We’ve been going BACK TO BASICS looking at gearboxes, and I said last month that as I described the workings of a gearbox I was going to try to put things in an order that could be easily followed by anyone who didn’t know one end of a gearbox from another, and I was hoping not to fall foul of anyone who knew much more about gearboxes than I did. I also admitted that I’d referred to a couple of technical manuals to try to make sure that I’ve got my terminology correct, and judging from a couple of responses, it seems I might have been able to keep at bay any criticism from the more expert reader. And as I type that, I’m already thinking that I’m inviting responses, but we’ll see how my claim goes.
The one thing that caught me by surprise was the type of  questions I got from the less technically-minded reader. These were not so much along the lines of questioning the details of how the gearbox worked, but were rather looking at the much broader basic picture of why a gearbox needed “so many components”. I have to say that I have some sympathy for that feeling. I still remember my somewhat younger and somewhat better-working eyes going wide the very first time I saw the internals of a gearbox spread out across a workbench. I thought at the time that there was not much chance of all the parts going back in and it working correctly, but seeing the process of rebuilding occur over the passing days was an education that proved me wrong. And not for the first (or last) time I hear some say..!

From Spannerman in our June issue; read the whole article, subscribe today!


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