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SINCE WE BROKE the news that CMM was suspending publication (http://www.classicmotor.co.uk/news/your-cmm-and-covid-19-crisis), we were uncertain how our wonderful subscribers and advertisers would react.

But says, CMM editor John Hodson, they have been uniformly "magnificent". Said John: "We have lots of supportive messages via social media and email that has convinced us of three things. Firstly that our subscribers approve of what we have done, secondly that they can't wait for the day CMM drops through the letterbox once again. And thirdly, just how fantastic the CMM community is!"

Added John: "Thank you so much. Not only is it tangible evidence that we have done the right thing, but all at CMM are truly touched by the sentiments expressed; I'm not ashamed to say they brought tears to my eyes. We can't wait to be back with you all!"

Here are just a few of those wonderful messages of support:

"While having too much time on my hands, like most classic car buffs at this time, I was having a sort out and came across my November edition of CMM. A cup of tea was made, a comfy chair was found and the fine publication was read from cover to cover, just like it was late last year.

"There is the old saying, that you don't know what you are missing until it's gone. And it brought home how much I am missing my monthly CMM fix!

"I still get one or two glossy car magazines a month, that are fine, but do not quite hit the spot like your publication.

"Also it got me thinking about the people who contribute and produce CMM and I hope that you and them are staying safe and well and coping with not working normally during these strange times. I have family and friends who at times, find things a little difficult.

"I would like to wish you and your colleagues the very best and look forward to enjoying CMM again in, hopefully, the not too distant future."

Robert Spence

* * * * *

"I fully support your decision and look forward to normal service being resumed when you consider the time is right. Thanks for the email."

Tony Bestwick

* * * * *

"A sensible decision. Keep well."

Nina Smith

* * * * *

"Thank you for the update a very sensible if somewhat difficult decision. Stay safe and well."

Richard & Judith Hill

* * * * *

"Dear John and staff

"Thank you for your notification. The right decision. Thank you to you and your team for publishing for the last 31 years, always a great read.

"Make sure you all keep well. All the best"

Andy Doran - Falconwood Transport & Military Bookshop

* * * * *

"Hello John

"Thank you most sincerely for this personal message.

"You have done the right thing by suspending publication, and I look forward, as I am sure we all do, to the end of this terrible situation, when CMM will drop through my letterbox again."

Roy Preston - Chairman, Project Jay Preservation Group.

* * * * *

"You have both made the right decision to suspend CMM for the time being. And I fully agree with what you say.

"The main thing is to all stay safe and look to the future and better times ahead.

"Your publication will be much missed in my house and I look forward to it coming through the letterbox before too long.

"Keep well and best regards to you all."

Bob Holmes

* * * * *

"Well Done. Good words and well said. Keep safe and wash those hands!"

Capri Capri

* * * * *

"I understand well done and good luck"

Brian Belton

* * * * *

"I totally understand the situation you are in. I'm more than happy to support the publication while you are offline and happy for you to keep the subscription money even if I don't receive any more copies until after my renewal date.

"Keep up the good work…"

Nigel Stock

* * * * *

"All of you stay safe and well. Keep up the good work online and lets hope the world will be a better place when all this terrible situation finally leaves us.

"Love to you all

"Your old employee xxx"

Angela McClellan (older readers may recemember Angela; she was the face of CMM's events advertising for many years before retiring. She still gets her CMM, on the Greek island where she lives with husband Kenneth, safely in lockdown like the rest of us!)

* * * * *

"Thank you for this and all best wishes for the future.

"Stay safe and keep well. I'm driving my wife mad playing Noel Coward's 'There will be Good Times Around the Corner'!! We will get through it! Best wishes,"

Paul Gibbons

* * * * *

"Dear editor

"I must congratulate you on a bold and important decision to postphone the publication for the time being.

"My renewed subscription is in the mail."

Sven Ordell, Sweden

* * * * *

"Dear John and Ann,

"I fully endorse your actions and hope that we all get through this unharmed.

"As you say, you do not want to publish cancellations and add to the depression. we assume everything is off and that is it.

I look forward to CMM each month, it is now the only current magazine I buy, and there is so much in it it takes me many days to read all. A real uplift.

"So thanks for making this the good read it is and I look forward to seeing a CMM bursting with good news and features again.

"Best wishes to you all"

Ian Leggett

* * * * *

"Stay safe I am sure everyone understands in these dire times look forward to seeing paper again sometime

"God bless all!"

S.R. Smith

* * * * *

"Totally agree with you and well said, it's the right thing to do. Keep safe and well everyone. All the best!"

Mick Dixon - MD Classic Car Parts

* * * * *

"Completely understand and already looking forward to when your next CMM hits my door mat. I wish everyone well over the coming months and thank you all for what is always a great read. Take care."

Ian Webster

* * * * *

"Thank you so much for writing to all of your subscribers, your email is the must uplifting thing I have read since this terrible time started. I, like many others, will greatly look forward to the return of Classic Motor Monthly which is by far the best motoring read I have found.

"With kind regards."

Mark Thomson

* * * * *

"I salute your decisions; rather a few missed than no more ever. keep all safe in this unprecedented time.

"Look forward to more normal times."


* * * * *

Hi Ann, I appreciate you sending this email and completely understand your decision.  We’ll miss the publication but look forward to its return – you have our continued support!

Richard Grafton, Commercial Director Historic Promotions Ltd

* * * * *

Once again, thank you so much for these much-needed morale boosters; stay safe, stay well, see you all again soon...

*If you wish to subscribe, or resubscribe to CMM we would be grateful for all support; don't worry, as we have pledged, nobody will miss out and 12 and 24 issue subscriptions will be honoured when publication is resumed. Or why not place an ad on our website - think of it as a donation to help us keep going that is also working for you! You can do either here: https://cmm.events.justbookitnow.com/C2t4xUeeteMfFyEawjakf3PRv2wjJHew



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