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Bristol to Move Dates for 2018? And a Clash of the Giants...

Bristol to Move Dates for 2018? And a Clash of the Giants...

THE 38TH BRISTOL CLASSIC CAR SHOW baked in soaring summer temperatures last month, but it looks like the event could return to a May date for 2018.

The sunshine brought out big crowds to the showground at Shepton Mallet, yet it was hard going for traders in the sweltering halls. Add to that the plain fact that on the weekend, the event faced a huge amount of competition from shows taking place around the country and event boss Mortons’ Andy Kitchen told CMM that it’s likely that we’ll see next year’s show earlier in the year.
“We’ll be looking at May simply to find a little more room on what is, frankly, an overcrowded weekend in the classic car calendar. It was a fantastic two days, but a little too hot for some!”
But there’s no escaping an unfortunate clash this November 5 when Mortons return to the Bath & West Showground at Shepton Mallet for their annual Classic Car Restoration Show.
Live Promotions have recently announced that they are having to move their long-standing National Restoration Show at Stoneleigh away from the usual end of October date - and they say they have no option but to move to, yes, November 5 - setting up a real headache for many traders, ‘jumblers and visitors.
“We are locked into our date” Andy told CMM. “We know that many traders are planning to double-up. It isn’t ideal, particularly as our event has grown and increased in popularity in recent years.”

Live are planning to hold their show entirely in the old Blackdown Halls at Stoneleigh, but the bonus for stallholders will be reduced rents; a real clash of the giants is on the cards.


from p. 12 of issue July 2017
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