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A car engine depends on quality of various technical fluids, such as oil, fuel, as well as air. Cleaning of fuel, oil and air supplied into it helps to ensure its reliable and correct operation. That is why the lubricant, fuel and air supply systems are equipped with filters. The filters catch impurities: dust, debris, engine wear products, etc. Usually, a car is equipped with 4 types of filters:

Air filters. These are round or flat rectangular casings in which nonwoven fibers with many pleats is enclosed. Sometimes a filter is reinforced with a metal mesh. Due to significant quantity of pleats, surface area of the filtering element is quite large - thus, the filtering efficiency is also high. These filters are installed before the intake manifold and throttle. A clean filter allows the engine to receive necessary amount of oxygen for proper mixture formation; that is why it is crucial to replace it within scheduled intervals.

• Fuel filters. They are divided into coarse and fine filters. Usually, coarse filters are mounted above the fuel tank. These filters help to remove foreign particles which come with the fuel. While fine filters are mounted in the fuel line under the bonnet or on the bottom of the car body.

• Oil filters. These filters are mounted directly on the engine and trap engine-wear particles and other contaminants from the engine lubrication system. All car manufacturers recommend replacing them with the motor oil.

• Cabin filters. Recently some cars were produced without them. Nowadays almost every car has factory-installed cabin filters. They clean the air coming into the passenger compartment from various foreign objects such as dust, sand, insects, plants pollen, etc. Filtering material of these filters is similar to that of engine air filters. In addition, there are models containing particles of charcoal, which allows making air even cleaner and reducing appearance of unpleasant smells from the outside. You can find filters for your car on onlinecarparts.co.uk

Specify replacement intervals for all the filters in your car manual. Install only high-quality components and you will ensure proper operation of all units of your vehicle.



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