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Have You Ever Owned...a Ruston-Hornsby?

The 1923 Ruston-Hornby A3 model all weather tourer fitted with rigid side curtains.

Have You Ever Owned...a Ruston-Hornsby?

From Grant Ford's series Have You Ever Owned (driven, taken a ride or just admired)? CMM December 2015, Issue 321.

Based in Lincoln this manufacturer specialised in agricultural machinery prior to WW1 and up until the 1970s one of their early steamrollers was still in use by the Rutland and Lincolnshire Council.

Wartime production included several aero engines which encouraged the decision to build motor cars from 1919.

The A1 model arrived a year later with some unique features under the bonnet, including a detachable cylinder head even though the block was cast with the inlet manifold.

The gearbox and back axle came as one unit and the original 4 cylinder, 2.6 litre power-plant soon gave way to an improved 3.3 engine in the A3, offering 16hp of which one is thought to survive in the UK.

The export market proved profitable for Ruston-Hornsby and many remained in use for decades in India; popular for their towing abilities in extreme conditions. Strong and comfortable but slow, heavy and rather expensive the company built a lighter 15hp in 1923 but then ceased production completely just 12 months later.

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