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Mark Ravenscroft's beautiful 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible


A look back at 2015's Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester, from CMM 319, October 2015.

THREE SHOWS IN AND The Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester, held at Trafford's EventCity complex last month, put on a display that easily eclipsed the previous two. It was declared a fantastic hit by visitors, exhibitors - but most importantly - by the man who put it all together; Andy Rouse.

Since he let go the reins of the National Classic Motor Show, Andy must have dreamt of putting on a show as seen at Manchester in September. Though it will never be compared to the NEC (the whole show would probably fit into one of the NEC's massive halls), the quantity and quality of the exhibition could not be denied.
Practically every square foot of the show area was filled with vehicles from every era; over 700 cars, motorcycles, military giants, miniature replicas - there was truly something for everyone to see.

And with 80 clubs now clamouring to get their name down to display, Manchester is not only achieving that early potantial in quick time, but judging by the big numbers who tramped through the doors on both days, it seems that it's already on that burgeoning show calendar as a 'must see'.

"There's no doubt that was the best yet; by a country mile" a pround Andy told CMM after the show. "The quality of the cars on display, the numbers involved; it surprised even me. I was shocked - the judging has been nigh on impossible. These things take time, it's a huge chicken and egg situation, but to see this year's event unfold as it did has been tremendously satisfying.

"Work on next year's event starts tomorrow; it's a bit of cliche, but that's just how it is. I can't wait!"

Andy's experience working on the Big One at the NEC has been invaluable. "It was the best schooling I could possibly have; and I'm surrounded by a team many of whom worked with me there, so that background has lead to us - only three years down the line - putting on the show so many have enjoyed this year."

Now the task is to grow the show even further. "A show like this will undoubtedly help on that front; this year many of the traders who have supported us have had a terrific weekend and I'm expecting more next year.

“There is room at this venue for a bigger show and that's where we are heading - more of the same, but bigger and better. The club and individual support has been fantastic, we could not put on this show without them and I want to thank each and every one of them for being here and putting on such amazing displays.”

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