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Readers Letters July 2017

Readers Letters July 2017


Dear CMM
Spotted in Didsbury, south Manchester - a 1957 Austin A35 (pictured, above), obviously in daily use and parked in a rather appropriate location!

Andrew Knowles


Dear CMM
'18th Hardy Country Classic Tour of Dorset'

The Tour covers some 77 miles and after a lunch-stop at Shillingstone in North Dorset about 1.5 hours later it concludes at the Riviera Hotel in Bowleaze Cove, Weymouth.
So much to see, so here are some highlights: A Ford Escort MK1 sitting next to not one but two MK2s, (including 1.6 Ghia) oh, and another (1.3L) Estate version nearby, formed a sort of potted history of the Escort, especially as there was an Anglia and Escort Mk3 there too.
I liked the D-reg Ford Zodiac mk3, first registered in November 1966 in London, but soon found its way to Somerset and Dorset.
You don't see many of those about. Now owned by Steve and Jan Hembry of Sherborne, its body had been fully restored courtesy of a jig made from the top and bottom hoops of a cattle feeder. There's Dorset for you. Bodywork, trim, wiring, and mechanicals had been lovingly restored, with some of the rubber window trim and seals coming from Australia and New Zealand.
A Frogeye Sprite is always interesting to see, not least for the small touches like the AH embossed on the hub caps.
This white one from 1959 was the 19,247th made out of a total production run of 49,615. Originally with a BMC A series 948cc engine it had been painted maroon before returning to its original colour.
One of 1973 built, an MG PA from the mid 1930s was in great condition and came in original colours of Oxford and Cambridge Blue. On the dash is the wise advice, 'Do not rev engine until oil is warm'.
A K-reg Rover P5 with its V8 started out in Hampton Middlesex in 1972 and was largely original except it now sports electronic ignition and a manual choke conversion, but looked great in black. There were a couple of Wolseleys there including a twotone 1500 in the car park.
The Riviera hotel put on a barbecue and bar outside though the restaurant was available for those who wanted a more robust Sunday lunch.
It was nice to see the sun appear as the cars drove off afterwards, with the scenic curve of the bay on their left. I found I'd taken 132 photographs. Think I'd covered it!

Best wishes,
Melvyn Dover
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