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Reader's Letters May 2017

Reader's Letters May 2017


Dear CMM
Was I at Garstang or Glastonbury?
I rang organiser Ian on Saturday night to see if the show was still on, he said “Yes, but bring your wellies” He was right, but that didn’t stop the traders and ‘jumblers.
There was a queue to get in!
Another great autojumble.
I couldn’t trade as the wind would have taken down the gazebo and the radios would have got wet (should have gone early and inside)
But I did go, to look round, and buy some radios. I got some off a nice guy at the right price.
But it’s not all about buying and selling, is it? You meet friends, have a chat, see cars and bikes. I saw a Honda Melody like mine, but not as good.
And all this is done in a great atmosphere.

Well done Ian!

It’s a pity that I can’t go to the April one as I have a radio event to attend.

All the best,
Jim Littler
Hindley Green, Wigan


Dear CMM
Had a moment of deep thought last night, I was at a meeting of the Morris Minor OC and was looking at some application forms for shows that were avaiable. £10.00 to enter your car.
So...we rescue an old vehicle, we spend our time and money restoring it, insuring it, housing it and maintaining it, then we pay a stranger money so we can park it in a field for a day so they can charge other people to look at it. I can't help but think that we are being taken for mugs here! A promoter's profit should be covered by trade stands, catering concessions and entrance charges. Wayne Rooney doesn't pay Manchester Unitied to play for them, does he? I am not suggesting that exhibitors should be paid a fee, but free entry and no charges seems fair. There seems to be some confilct over who is doing who a favour here!

Wondered what others thought?

Lifetime Enthusiast
(Name and address supplied)
*Oh, this is an old, old chestnut. The counter argument is 
that if an organiser doesn't take the risk in hiring a venue, staff, paying for advertising and promotion, etc., etc. for enthusiasts to exhibit their pride and joy, then who will? And believe me, without the revenue of entry fees, there would be far, far fewer events around than there are now. But we know that you do have a choice in the matter; to exhibit at an event that charges, or one that does not - £10 seems a little high.


Dear CMM
I wonder if you can help. It would be fantastic if any of your readers can. In the first decades of the 20th Century wealthy people mostly businessmen, & mostly with businesses based in Manchester, - built sea front mansions in Lytham.
The car shown here belonged to one of them. The chauffeur is the grandfather of a friend of mine. My friend never knew his grandfather. He would have been about 20yrs old at the time of this photograph (above) which we speculate is dated about 1913. Grandfather went off to war in 1914 and survived to resume work in 1919 but died in the 1950's.
The car is clearly expensive. It has acetylene lights and dates probably from about 1910? It is conceivable it could be American. The Squire of Lytham - Talbot Clifton - on whose land these houses were built- had American connections. It might also be French. The letters S E ??? are visible on the radiator. We have tried the best computer enhancement of the original photograph to produce this picture. Enlarging it too much to try & get an idea of the nameplate just results in too much loss of definition.

Thanks for anything anyone can do.

Mike Turner


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