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Record Crowd at Shepton

Record Crowd at Shepton

WHAT BETTER THAN A WONDERFUL show to blow away the winter blues.

The Somerset Vintage Tractor Show at the Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet was just that and it took place on January 28-29.

The Mitchell’s and the Bryne’s, along with their helpers, have worked hard to make this show what it is today. They keep the tractor preservation movement on the ‘top of the pile’ in the West Country and that’s what they did again over the weekend.
The build-up day suffered from rain and there were a couple of showers on the Saturday, however the sun shone through on both the show days in addition to reasonably warm conditions for this time of the year, as the public streamed through the gates on both days.
This year’s theme was Ford and Fordson in this centenary year and both of the clubs, the Ford and Fordson Association and Blue Force supported the event to the full. There was an excellent line up of these machines to enjoy in the special building devoted to the makes.

It was great to see the T H White 1917/8 Fordson MOM engine number 3138R here, which possibly last ran at the Fordson 500 in the 1990s.

Finding an original Hercules engined example is very hard and this one carries a magneto conversion, just as its show sister did.
This is said to be one of the first six to arrive in the UK during early December 1917, and carries the number 1535, I believe. It was used as a demonstrator and sold to a Mr Turner of Clifthane Farm, Yarcombe, who hated it, and went back to horses!
It was sold in 1927 to his neighbour Frank Barnes for £10 and is still in the same family. This tractor, like so many, carries many modifications to keep it going over those 100 years of its existence.
It was restored in 1975 still with the Hercules engine and was showed at the Honiton Hill and South Somerset Rally for many years. Today it’s owned by the second and third generation of the Barnes family and it was good to see it here.
The third oldest tractor at the show was the 1919 F of Julian Paton from Bristol. It has been got back into working condition and runs on its trembler coil ignition and with its heavy road bands. One could imagine the F in the stockyard doing something or other.
The ultra rare 1994 County 1118-40 of Toby Mclean took the top award, and yes, I would have also given it the top award here as it looked stunning to my eyes and obviously the judges.
I ended up with lots of goodies to bring home for the workshop from the many stalls.

Charity donations from the 2017 Somerset Vintage & Classic Tractor Show amounted to £8,300 - excellent work!


from p. 8 of issue March 2017
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