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Record Price For Pick-Up

Record Price For Pick-Up

With a varied selection of vehicles offered by Brightwells at their Bicester Heritage Flywheel vehicle auction recently, there was plenty to go for.

One of the highlights was the concours condition 1968 Austin A60 half ton pick up, which went on to sell for an incredible £17,200, a world record price (estimate £12-14,000).
The model started off as the A55 pick-up in May 1957 and became the A60 at the 1962 Motor Show with various refinements from chrome trim upwards and from September 1963 with the larger 1,622cc engine that came from the car version. The A60 pick-up was available until 1973 after a good ten year run and was more popular in van style than pick-up that’s for sure.
However, things were brought down to reality when the very fine rally style condition 1923 flat-nose Morris Cowley van, in Henry Potter builders livery, which had completed a 70 mile tour recently, sold for £6,100 (estimate £8,000).

from p. 8 of issue August 2017
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