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A Walk On The Dark Side!

A Walk On The Dark Side!

DESPITE THE GRAND TITLE - The European Motor Show Brussels - this Brussels Expo show, held last month, does not have the same cache as Geneva or Frankfurt, writes John Elwin.

However, all the main manufacturers were represented at this car & bike show. Some, such as BMW, Ford and Porsche, were giving new models their European debut on the same day as their world premiere at the Detroit Motor Show.
Show organisers FEBIAC came up with the good idea of devoting one hall to ‘Youngtimers’. Not such a good idea was turning the hall into a very black space! That made photography of any black cars, like the Lotus Esprit GT300, very difficult.

There were the usual suspects including Fiat 500, Mini Cooper, VW Golf and a Rolls Royce as well as an Audi quattro, Citroen Visa, Honda CRX (pictured), Skoda Pick-up, Ferrari 355 and Jaguar XJS amongst others, but when did you last see a Hyundai Pony, or an Apal Francorchamps for that matter? The latter was a Belgian-built sports car that did look a bit like the rear of a TR7 welded to the front of an Alfa Romeo SZ!

A nice initiative by FEBIAC but a bit more light would have been appreciated.

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