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WE LIVE IN VERY strange times. The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the lives of every person, not just in our country, but pretty much on our planet, writes CMM editor John Hodson.

Producing your CMM during a frankly mad March has been the most difficult task in my 31 years in the editor's chair; we've seen deadlines ripped up, stories changed hour by hour, events cancelled wholesale and incomes threatened throughout the whole of the enthusiasts vehicle industry. Whether you are organising events, trading or simply depending - as we are - on their vital advertising revenues, we've seen chaos on a scale unprecedented in our working lives.

But all our plans changed on Monday, March 23 with the announcement by the Prime Minister of a virtual lockdown, the plea to stay indoors and the shutting down of all but essential services. What this means is that we have decided to suspend publication for the time being - the thinking is twofold.

Firstly, could we in all conscience continue to produce CMM knowing that this is not for the best during this national emergency. Our writers and advertising staff have been working remotely, but we have to think of those on the presses, in the mailroom, and, yes, of the postman delivering 1000s of copies of CMM door to door. Is this essential? No, though we accept that some of you will be bitterly disappointed at not receiving your copy in April, it really isn't.

Secondly we had to think of what was right for CMM; 31 years in - until now - unbroken production, and the crippling financial blow of producing something that would make a loss, and, to be honest, would not meet our usual quality threshold. Page after page of cancelled events made for a depressing read. For Ann and I it's been an agonising decision.

None of that really matters in the great scheme of things. What matters is that we emerge at the other end - and it will end - safe and healthy. What matters is that we follow all government advice on social distancing, on self-isolation, on staying indoors as much as is humanly possible in order to beat this thing.

CMM only matters inasmuch as we want to keep you informed and entertained during these troubling times and we will continue to do so, as much as we can online; on our website at the latest news pages, via Facebook and Twitter. As said, all our directly employed staff have been working from home, staying indoors, staying within their 'safe spaces'. You must do so as well. Get the polish out, tinker with your classic in the garage, do those jobs you've long promised to do, and finally you have the time. You'll be back behind the wheel soon, of that I am sure.

All our lovely subscribers can be assured that they will not lose out; if you've paid for 12 or 24 issues, that's precisely what you will get. If you wish to support CMM during these dark days, then please continue to subscribe, or maybe buy a classified ad which we'll showcase online - you can do so here:  https://cmm.events.justbookitnow.com/C2t4xUeeteMfFyEawjakf3PRv2wjJHew

And when it's all over, CMM will once again be 'the autojumble through your letterbox' and we'll see you at events around this nation. It'll be the biggest party ever.

Stay safe, stay well.


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